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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Just a Few Random Thoughts...

Editor: I numbered my thoughts~~as I always do when I think.

I've been thinking about a few things~

  1. How do you ask someone for the money they owe you?? Long before the season of giving started, I loaned my FAVORITE brother $500. I didn't give him a deadline as to when I wanted it back, so he volunteered to give it back by the end of September. Am I wrong to assume that maybe he didn't mean THIS September?
  2. I was e-discussing something with Mary and the subject of graham crackers came up. What is the graham in graham crackers?? Is it a spice? If so, why is it not in the spice section at the commissary?
  3. Why is it that the only person that I should have to depend on concerning my daughter is the ONLY person I can't depend on concering her?
  4. Should I keep investing in Savings Bonds? I buy $100 a month for P (to cash in for her post-secondary education). I've been buying them since she was a little over a year old.
  5. UPROMISE is awesome!! I buy about 90 % of P's stuff online and they make a donation to her college fund~NICE!!! Now she might not have to go to Nay-Nay's Bump 'n Grind/Bump 'n Curl (the only cosmetology school with a stripper pole) for her post secondary education.
  6. If you are going to cut them off, cut them off and move on! These really aren't needed, are they? Check out the sizing and price chart. I should get Crazy Dog a pair of extra large. He'd be the envy of the other pooches~~'Yeah, I got me some BIG ones!'
  7. My friend's email signature block is 8 lines~~is all that really necessary? All that and the entire Privacy Act of 1974 statement. The signature block is a message by itself.
  8. She also includes her email address in the signature block from hell~~WHY??
  9. Why is roadkill always on the right side of the road? Who picks it up, and who did you beat out to get that job?
  10. Why are we in Iraq? The real reason: the western world is upset that the Middle East has shown the general population that it has been lied to all these years~~'q' and 'u' don't have to be a team, hence the words Qatar and Al Qadisiyah.
  11. Is the east side of Pakistan really called Tarnishastan?
  12. If those who work for Uncle Leroy get paid every 14 days, resulting in 26 paychecks a year, and the military folks get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month, resulting in 24 paychecks a year, where are the other 2 paychecks for the military? If you find them, let me know because they owe me 5 years worth!
  13. Where is Michael from Good Times?
  14. Speaking of Good Times, how was Winona able to live in the projects with no kids (pre-Penny)?
  15. Isn't the idea of an all Black female country band great?? All you need is ONE hit (ask Rockwell), P. Diddy will sample it, and you'd NEVER have to work again.
  16. Can Wonder Bread Co. PLEASE make a half loaf of bread? How about bite size Twinkies? Would half a Ho-Ho just be a Ho?
  17. Last night, I told P to clean up chaos cave (her room) and she said she forgot how to do it~was she trying to play me? I just want a second opinion.
  18. Any suggestions as to where should we go for our big trip next summer? I'm leaning towards a Disney Cruise. The rates listed are for 2 paying adults. It's 2004, you would think they would have a Baby Mama rate (1 adult and 1 child).

I'm done, thanks for listening!

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