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Sunday, February 27, 2005
100 Things...

**We are going to Paris the first weekend in March. If you want us to send you a postcard, send me your address.**

1. I was inthe Army for 5 years.
2. I spent 2 of those years in Germany, at the largest US hospital outside the US.
3. My best friends are those I met while in the Army.
4. I am a single parent.
5. Legally, I have 4 names.
6. Legally, my daughter has 5 names.
7. She is my favorite person in the world.
8. She will be an only child.
9. Crazy Dog is really a crazy dog.
10. I paid more for Crazy Dog than I did my 1st car.
11. I am from
St. Louis.
12. Yes, I have been inside the
13. Yes, I know Nelly.
14. I've been to 11 European countries.
15. I work full time.
16. I love my job.
17. I am a full time student.
18. Yes, it's hard, but it takes dedication.
19. I am a snowboarder (
150 K2 Luna).
20. I have snowboarded in 5 countries.
21. I love
22. I have 4 sisters.
23. And 5 brothers.
24. I have never been in the same room with them all at once.
25. I have 7 nieces and 1 nephew (I've only seen 4 of my nieces).
26. I am the oldest grandaughter on my dad's side.
27. My brother owes me $500 (I think he 'forgot').
28. I have lived in Germany for 8 of the last 10 years.
29. I love Europe.
30. I haven't spoken to my Ex-Stepmother in 10 years.
31. She was my stepmother for 20 years and 11 months.
32. My parents got divorced when I was still a toddler.
33. The courts severed all of my real mom's parental rights at that time.
34. I call her by her first name.
35. I do not have any kind of relationship with her.
36. My favorite TV show is
Any Day Now.
37. I speak enough German to go shopping.
38. I speak enough Italian to go shopping.
39. Mahogany and Beaches are my favorite movies.
40. My favorite song is 'When Will I See You Again' by the 3 Degrees~everytime I hear it, I think about my mom.
41. I am a confessed blog lurker.
42. I expect the worst in EVERY situation.
43. For a time, I went to the club 7 nights a week.
44. Many times, I came in from the club just in time to get dressed for work.
45. I once drove 4 hours to go to a club in Rotterdam, Holland.
46. My favorite place to snowboard is the Jungfrau region of Switzerland.
47. I hate being late.
48. I arrive at least 20 minutes early for EVERYTHING!
49. I broke my arm in 1996.
50. I broke it rollerblading~I didn't know how to stop (still don't).
51. I no longer have an appendix.
52. I have 3 tattoos.
53. I have not had a hair cut since 1989.
54. I am an impulsive shopper.
55. I don't plan to move back to the US before August 2006.
56. My birthday falls on a holiday weekend.
57. My favorite city in the US is Chicago
58. My favorite 2 cities in Europe are Geneva, Switzerland and Rotterdam, Holland.
59. I am going to St. Lucia before the end of this summer.
60. I had a brother that drowned (on Christmas day) at 7 years old when I was 12.
61. I had only seen him once in his life~he was my mother's son.
62. At the place that pays me, I am the keeper of millions of $$.
63. I compare it to babysitting.
64. I'm addicted to blogs.
65. My favorite desert is cheesecake.
66. No matter what time I go to sleep at night, I wake up before 7am.
67. I take too many digital pictures.

68. The last hard copy picture I have of my daughter was taken when she was 2 (she's 4 now).
69. I'm a FIRM believer in random acts of kindness.
70. If I find an address on a blog, I WILL send something to the blogger.
71. I REALLY want an iPOD, but I don't need one.
72. I've given rides to strangers who were too drunk to drive (to the barracks).
73. I have an Uncle who served 32 years in the Army, and retired as a Command Sergeant Major.
74. In the Army, I worked for people who knew him, and they to helped me just because they knew him (the Army is smaller than you think).
75. I waste a lot of $$.
76. I moved to Germany in September 1999 with 3 bags of clothes.
77. And my Snowboard.
78. And my passport.
79. And $378.00 in my pocket.
80. In 1996, a co-worker dared me to pierce my tongue in Savannah, GA.
81. I did.
82. I kept it in for 6 months.
83. I was the first person who had my tongue pierced in my Army unit.
84. Those in charge didn't know how to 'deal with it'.
85. I feel guilty when I buy something for myself.
86. I have NO idea where I will live when I return to the US.

87. I've worked for Uncle LeRoy for 4 years.
88. I have advanced VERY quickly in my career.
89. I repaired hospital equipment while in the Army.
90. I spent 11 months in Aurora, CO, in Army school, learning how to repair the equipment.
91. It was the hardest thing I've ever done.
92. I've been told that my daughter is gifted.
93. I have NO idea what to do for her.
94. Rather than tell my daughter no, I tell her 'not right now now'.
95. If my daughter asks for anything (within reason), I'll buy it for her.
96. I don't get enough sleep.
97. I don't drink enough water.
98. I've been anemic since I was 9 years old.
99. I've got 100 gmail accounts to give away.
100. My favorite foods are Greek and Indian.

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