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Sunday, June 26, 2005
Just a Bit of Advice

NEVER remove the battery from your laptop unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary.

There are times that I am forced to bring work home from the place that pays me. For this reason, Uncle LeRoy has made a number of anti-virus software programs available for free to download onto home computers for those of us that are forced to pick cotton from home. I downloaded Uncle LeRoy's free version of Norton Anti-Virus to my desktop about a month ago, and since then, it has become extremely slow. So slow that I haven't turned it on in almost 2 weeks, chosing to use my laptop instead (I love wireless).

Last night (really this morning), I was shutting down my laptop, and for some reason, it froze. I tried Ctrl/Alt/Delete, the power switch, and even unplugged the power cord. Still it was froze, and would not continue shutting down. With all of the quick fixes not working...I did what any other uneducated person woud have done...I took the battery out for a few seconds. Little did I know that this was not the smartest idea. Why was this not a good idea you ask??

BECAUSE I LOST ALL MY FAVORITES IN EXPLORER AND MY BOOKMARKS IN MOZILLA!! (I probably lost other stuff too, but it's not important right now)

Now I am trying to remember all the blogs I read regularly. I am using Google to aid in my search, googling bits and pieces I remember from the blogs to rebuild my blog lists. Do you know how time consuming that is...especially on a weekend??

Saturday afternoon, P informed me that Crazy Dog no longer likes his name that he came with, and they (she and CD) have chosen another for him. His 'new' name is now Michaelangelo. She has been calling him Michaelangelo since then, and not once has she slipped and called him by the name that is on his VERY expensive paperwork.


A couple of years ago, my friend in the Chair Force sent P this Pooh for her birthday. At the time, he was as big as P was:

This morning, after hearing Crazy Dog yelping, I went to check out what P was 'helping' him with this time. When I got to her room, Pooh was laying on the floor nekkid, and CD (in a streak of red) was running into his house, I asked P what she was doing to him, and she said she was 'helping him get dressed for the day'. After retrieving him from his house, I saw exactly how she was 'helping' him:

After I made her take the shirt off him, and put it back on Pooh, I once again gave her my 'CD doesn't like to wear clothes, so please leave him alone' speech. About 15 minutes later, I saw a streak of red going down the hallway towards the bathroom. I asked P to talk to me for a minute or two. I asked her why she now had the shirt on. She said, and I quote:
'You told me not to put it back on Crazy Dog. You didn't say that I couldn't wear it.'

Here she is in her new red shirt:

She says she loves it and she thinks she is going to wear it to school tomorrow.

**EDIT** Monday morning, when P realized that I was serious about her not wearing this shirt to school, she told me 'I thought we were friends!' I explained to her that friends shouldn't let her wear it to school, either. **/EDIT**

Congratulations to my cousin K, from ATL who signed her acceptance letter making her a first year medical student at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill when classes begin on 15 August!! Just what the world needs...another person whose blood runs Carolina Blue!

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