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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Problem or Solution?

Nothing much has been going on here except for a 2 1/2 hour meeting at the daycare on Wednesday about P's behavior. Everyday for the past 2 weeks while picking P up, D or I have been met with:

She hit/kicked/bit a teacher (or someone else) today.

After hearing this, and the 'episodes' getting progressively worse, I requested a meeting with one of the Director's staff and Head Caregiver In Charge to discuss the issue (I was really surprised that D wanted to be involved!).

During the meeting, the discussion revolved around:

In a nutshell, this is what happened on Wednesday, about 20 minutes before I arrived for our meeting:

P was eating lunch, and was almost finished when she asked for more rice. T-Dumber threw the rice in the trash...knowing P wanted more. What did P do, you ask? She had a MASSIVE meltdown (did I mention that she's an Eating Machine?), and because she wouldn't calm down, T-Dumb took all P's personal belongings (blanket, pillow, jacket) from her cubby and put it all in the teacher's closet. P continued to do her thing (scream, cry, turned over a bookshelf), and P told me that T-Dumber told her that because she was acting like that, she couldn't have her CareBear that she left at the center Tuesday because 'I took it home to my boy, and he said thanks' (T-Dumber said she didn't tell P that, but how does P know she has a boy??). By the time I arrived, P was beet red, her eyes were swollen and she was still crying. When I walked in the door this is what I hear:

P kicked T-Dumber, and bit T-Dumb

There was no mention of the rice (which started the ball rolling) or the comment about the P's toy being at T-Dumber's house.

Once P was calm, we went on to the meeting to discuss what is going on with her. The point I tried to get across to those in the meeting (to include D) was that SOMETHING is making her react the way she does...how do I know this? Because she doesn't walk in the commissary knocking stuff off the shelf, nor does she hit/kick/bite outside the center.

The outcome of the meeting?

Once the meeting was over, I went back to the class to check on P. Naptime was over, and she was doing better. I asked her what happened at lunch, and she told me:

I wanted more rice and T-Dumber threw it in the trash

I took P to the Director's staffmember and had her ask P what happened during lunch. P told her about the rice and also told her about her toy 'being at T-Dumber's house'. At that point, the light bulb went on, and the Director's staffmember realized she had a SERIOUS problem on her hands. She looked at me and said 4 words:

It will be handled

Today, they all had a meeting with the Director, and I am happy to announce that for the first time in over 2 weeks P had a drama free 'good day at school'. I am not saying that P's behavior is acceptable when she gets worked up, but T-Dumb and T-Dumber are either part of the problem or part of the solution...and the way they were doing things, they weren't a part fo the solution...which leaves only one choice...they are/were part of the problem.

I promised P that if she had a good day on Friday, I will buy her anything she wants. What does she want? Being the Eating Machine that she is, she wants a banana split. If she does her part, I will certainly do my part and get her a banana split tomorrow.


When I picked up the mail today, look at the pleasant surprise I got from Ms Pigsley:

All I have to say is that BEFORE I made it home, I knew that both the sauces and rubs were deeeeeelish, and I had a stain on my new shirt to prove it! I think the bear is for P, but SHHHH, don't tell her, because I might keep it! Thanks, Ms. Pigsley and
G-man for the package, I really appreciate it! You should be getting one in the next few days.

On the way home, we saw a few of P's friends, and I stopped to ask them if they knew where I could find a decent roast (so I can use my new rub and sauce) to put on the Big Ass Pit. Of course they looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language:

Someone asked if I live in the country since I always talk about the animals near my house. No, I don't live in the country. I live in a village (a large subdivision). The villages are separated by long stretches of road and usually surrounded by LOTS of land. This is where we live (not in a tree, but behind the tree, in a house in this village):

I'm SOOOOO glad that tomorrow is Friday!

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